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Wash Systems

CES Series

No Construction Required

Completely Transportable

Customized Water Treatment & Recycling Systems

Complete Containerized Washing Equipment System


Why do I need the Recyke® CES (Containerized Equipment System) Series?

These complete wash systems are ideal for washing equipment and vehicles at sites without incurring any construction costs, delays, or permanent structures.  Utilized on military bases, construction sites, and at any facility requiring transportability or the avoidance of permanent property improvements, these systems can be up and running in a few weeks.  They are very cost-effective, can be leased or expensed as equipment purchases, and can be configured for a wide range of applications. 

How Does the CES Series System Work?

The complete system consists of a self-contained enclosed equipment room that contains complete water recycling, high-volume demucking, and high-pressure washing equipment.  As vehicles are demucked and cleaned on the pad, the wash/rinse water gets collected and is transferred to the recycling system for treatment and reuse.  The recycling system treats the water for reuse as wash or rinse water, and is designed to operate as a closed loop process without off-site discharging.  High volume solids demucking and hot or cold high-pressure washing equipment, designed for use with recycled water, are available in the equipment room.  The container is designed with single-point connections for electrical and fresh water supply, and a suction line from the wash pad pit.  External controls permit the operator to demuck or pressure-wash equipment without entering the equipment room. 




  • Totally Portable System

  • Enclosed Equipment Room

  • Integrated Water/Solids Collection System

  • Water Recycling, High Volume Demucking, and

       High Pressure Washing Equipment

  • UL Listed Equipment






* Single or Multiple Pressure Washers

* Single or Multiple Demucking Wands

* Various Electrical Power Options Available

* Painted to Client's Specifications

* Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Container

* Climate Control - Heat/AC

* PLC-Controlled and SCADA Capability

* CSA Listing

CES System installed in Louisiana.

For case studies, specifications or more information about this product, please call our office or send us an email.