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Rain Diverter Systems


 Ideal for EPA Compliance

Manages rain water with recycling systems

Ideal for uncovered wash pads

Allows normal operation during dry weather

Compact and easy to operate

Operates with remote wireless sensor

Concept of Operation:

For routine daily operation a level sensor in the sump pit would control the pump that transfers the water to the recycling system. In the RDS Auto mode for rain sensing, rain presence would initiate a timer system to bypass the level sensor and run the pump for a field-settable time. This would transfer the initial rainwater and all surface oils in the sump pit to the recycling system, meeting normal EPA requirements for preventing the release of wash water to the surrounding environment. The control of the pump would revert to the level sensor after the rain ends and the rain sensor resets. The RDS Manual mode runs the pump continuously, primarily for troubleshooting procedures. The RDS Off mode prevents the rain diverter cycle from starting when it rains.







  • Can be designed to work with new or existing recycling systems

  • Compact design can be mounted anywhere - system requires a single 110V receptacle and wiring access to the sump pump control circuit

  • Wireless rain sensor easily mounts outside in a convenient location

  • Can be configured to work with electric or air operated sump pumps

  • Completely field programmable for rain sensitivity, pumping duration, and reset time

For case studies, specifications or more information about this product, please call our office or send us an email.